About Denali Partners

Denali Partners believes there are companies in key business segments that need capital and expertise to grow, but these companies do not fit in the traditional private equity or venture equity models. As a result, many companies with long-term, solid profit potential are going unfunded, and investors are losing valuable opportunities. Denali Partners was founded in part to capture these opportunities.

Three foundation principles distinguish Denali Partners Fund as an equity growth enterprise rather than a classic private equity firm:

  • Disciplined processes to identify high-potential economic sectors and investments in companies whose growth is profitable rather than merely rapid;
  • A value-creation strategy that emphasizes long term positions in companies with sustainable profits, rather than seeking near-term exit; and,
  • Building investor value by building the management team in the portfolio companies and drawing upon Denaliís team of seasoned executives.

In sum, Denali Partners leverages both financial capital with significant intellectual and managerial capital to build great companies, while providing superior investment opportunities for our investors.

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