Managing Companies in Transition

The management team of Denali Partners has significant experience directly working with struggling companies and turning those business into profitable enterprises. Some examples of our experiences:

  • Acquired a small ($5 million in revenues), unprofitable energy consulting firm and led the transition into new market opportunities.  Grew to over $800 million in revenues and $60 million in EBITDA in four years
  • Took over operational responsibility for unprofitable manufacturer of car wash cleaning equipment. Turned company around over two years.  Managed business for a profitable exit upon achievement of sustainable profitability.
  • Assumed oversight responsibility for telecommunications services provider with over $300 million in debt and negative EBITDA margins.  Led company through chapter 11 reorganization process, while simultaneously improving operating margins.  EBITDA margins grew to over 20% through 18 month reorganization and recapitalization process, sales grew by 70%
  • Acquired through merger a $30 million in revenues performance contracting company that was unprofitable in the year of the merger. Over two years increased operating margins to 10%
  • Acquired numerous real estate projects with environmental and other compliance issues
  • Have improved profitability and/or turned around numerous (10+) divisions  within larger organizations where we held direct operating accountability

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