Mark R. Schroeder

Mark Schroeder was formerly a Director of Corporate Development at Great Plains Energy, Inc., a role that he has held since 2003. Prior to that time, Mr. Schroeder was Vice President of Corporate Development at KLT Inc.  In his capacity at KLT, Mr. Schroeder was responsible for developing and executing performance improvement plans at multiple operating subsidiaries. 

Prior to joining KLT in 2000, Mr. Schroeder held various executive leadership positions, including Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer, at Custom Energy, LLC, a nationwide energy services firm with eight regional offices throughout the United States. Mr. Schroeder joined Custom Energy in January of 1997, when Environmental Lighting Concepts, Inc. ("ELC"), a firm that he co-founded with Mr. Orman, was merged into Custom Energy.   From 1992 to 1997 Mr. Schroeder was President and a Director of ELC. During this time ELC achieved operating margins that were more than twice industry averages, had compound earnings growth in excess of 200%, and achieved profitability within three quarters.

From 1984 to 1992 Mr. Schroeder held numerous positions including Chief Investment Officer and Chief Operating Officer at American Bank, a community bank holding company which was sold to US Bancorp in 1993. He graduated with honors from Mankato State University in 1990.

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